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Do you have the TIME and KNOWLEDGE

to create your own fire evacuation maps?

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Fire Evacuation Maps

Fire evacuation maps are often required by local fire code, O.S.H.A., city ordinance, and insurance carriers. Our office can illustrate safe, compliant fire evacuation maps. Additionally, we also offer a variety of printing and framing choices.

All you need to do, is send us your building drawings and we will work with you to create all of your evacuation maps in just a few days.

Are your maps current?

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School Safety Maps

Building safety and security maps are an important source of information used by police, fire departments and first responders in the event of an emergency.

Provide local authorities with vital information during a security threat or natural disaster.

A school safety/security map can quickly show authorities the locations of important information such as: room numbers, utility shutoffs, security camera locations, shelter in place information, and more.

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Campus Maps

A campus map can be created for your school, organization or corporate campus.

Campus maps can show: building and road locations, vehicle routes, event planning information and more.

These maps are often printed or used on a website.


Building Maps are a vital part of your overall emergency preparedness planning.


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At Building Maps, we take your old building drawings and create fire evacuation maps, school security maps, campus maps, building directories, and more.

Our services are used by schools, hospitals, churches, manufacturing and corporate offices throughout the United States.

The process is fast and easy!

Simply send us your existing building drawings and you will work with an illustrator who is dedicated to your project and who is experienced in building safety.

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